Friday, December 5, 2014

Shapes and the Quickly Approaching Christmas Season!

After we learned all about the art element line - Secondary began to study shape while Elementary looked into color. For shape, secondary students looked at work by Pablo Picasso and other artists who used Cubism. Based on Cubism, Secondary students created abstract artworks using both geometric and organic shapes. A lot of people will say a circle is a geometric shape, but I count it as an organic shape due to its curved lines.  They worked with chalk pastels to learn the technique of blending.

Elementary students studied color and the artist Mark Rothko. They learned about Color Field painting and looked at his artwork. In the style of Rothko, the Elementary students created their own color field artworks using chalk pastels. They learned to blend colors and soften the edges of their  images.

With the approaching Christmas season, we are taking on a winter theme with our artwork. Secondary is using shapes to create some very creative Christmas trees while Elementary is using complimentary, tertiary and monochromatic color schemes to create some whimsical trees and winter scenes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Self-Portraits and Street corners! Lines Lines Lines

As I said in my last post, we have been learning about all kinds of lines and line techniques here in art. Elementary students have looked at the use of line in Jean Dubuffet's work and used his Self-Portrait (1966) as a basis for their own Dubuffet-style self portraits. They look great!

Secondary students have been working on 2 point perspective. They have created buildings on a street corner. They used the basic formula to construct the buildings and then were left to add to them however they like, making them their own.

6th grader cross contour:

2nd grade lines:

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Whirlwind September

How is it that it is already the second week of October?! Where did September go?! When I try to think back to the first month of school, I see a blur of lines. Yes, lines. All month we talked about and drew lines- contour lines, blind contour lines, straight lines, cross contour lines, curvy lines, zig zag lines, diagonal lines, orthogonal lines.... you get the picture!

My second graders learned about different types of lines and Jean Dubuffet and his use of line in his artworks. Third grade worked with contour lines - drawing from a still life and then looking at Jean Dubuffet and his self portraits. Fourth grade tried out blind contour lines - drawing while not looking at the paper was a challenge! Fifth and Sixth worked with cross contour lines and are using decorative lines to do self portraits. My middle and high school artists worked with 2 point perspective. I was pleasantly amazed at how well they did!! Using rulers and lining up points and keeping lines straight and neat and orderly really kept their attention. They took their 2 point perspective buildings and made them their own- adding color and details unique to their own interests. They also did a brief lesson on shadows - drawing still lifes of candy under a spot light. Through a lot of complaints and frustrations emerged some pretty interesting pieces!

Not a bad start to the school year! Looking forward to seeing some personalities emerging from the different artworks yet to be created!

We are finishing up our line projects in Art so I have not yet been able to take any pictures but stay tuned! Pictures will be heading this way soon!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Greetings from France!

Daretown Secondary students have begun an artist postcard exchange with a classroom in France! Miss Claudia's classroom is learning to read and write English and have been more than excited with exchanging postcards with us! The first exchange took place at the end of January and a second round of postcards are currently being worked on for the second exchange. We even received a 2014 calendar  - all in French from our new pen pals!

Space, Georgia O'Keeffe and Composition

Daretown Elementary students moved from positive and negative space to composition - utilizing the space of your artwork with how you arrange your image/images. They looked at how O'Keeffe used composition - enlarging her flowers to fill the entire canvas at the same time creating interesting areas of space within her artworks. Half of the Elementary used tissue paper and glue to create O'Keeffe inspired flowers while the other half used paper towels dipped in glue and then painted over - this gave the artworks amazing texture! Check out how these amazing flowers turned out!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Space! - Positive and Negative

From December through to January we have been working with space in art. Both the Elementary and High School students worked with positive and negative space at the beginning of the unit. The high school learned about Notans. "Notan" is Japanese for 'light/dark harmony'. A Notan shows both the positive and negative space in a black and white paper cut-out. Check out some of these Notans from our High School students:

 In Elementary, the students worked with positive and negative space by doing something similar to Notans. They were given colorful paper to fold and cut a shape out of. It was explained that the shape that they cut out was the 'positive' space - the image.What was left over of the paper was the 'negative' space - the surrounding area or background. This is what they came up with: